Find a Reliable Transmission Repair Service in Van Nuys

October 28, 2022


Transmission fluid is essential in keeping your transmission and vehicle in top condition. As per the transmission repair service in Van Nuys, changing the transmission oil after 30,000 to 60,000 miles is recommended. Still, factors such as make, model, driving style, and weather can also affect it negatively.

So if you want to prevent your car engine from these unnecessary maintenance problems, it is recommended to flush and change the transmission oil regularly. It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the sign that you may be low on transmission fluid.

  • Engine sound

If the transmission works properly, you will not hear any noise while driving as it shifts smoothly. The noise may indicate a low fluid level, and you may be unable to diagnose the problem yourself. A qualified transmission repair service in Van Nuys recommends that the issue be checked immediately to avoid lengthy repairs.

  • Burning smell

Please get in touch with your nearest engine repair service Van Nuys if your car smells bad. This sign may indicate a low fluid level or buildup of overheated transmission fluid. If the gearbox is too hot, the friction between parts will increase, which inevitably leads to dirt buildup and corrosion of the gearbox. If left unchecked, the transmission will eventually be damaged and rendered inoperable.

  • Transmission leakage

As mentioned earlier, the fluid within the car’s transmission is the only lubrication source and acts as a cleaning and conditioning agent for the surrounding transmission seals. So if you notice red fluid under your vehicle, you almost miss transmission oil. We recommend contacting your transmission repair service in Van Nuys to have your gearbox inspected. However, a leaking transmission will deteriorate further without maintenance as the fluid level drops.

  • Problem with the gear shift

A healthy transmission shifts smoothly between gears with no slippage. Too little fluid can seize the gears and cause a grinding sensation. The occasional slipping gear may seem like a minor issue at first, but to avoid costly repairs in the future, it’s always a good idea to have the transmission checked when this occurs.

  • Poor vehicle acceleration

If the start is slow or the vehicle does not respond when accelerating from a standstill, a transmission problem may be the cause. If you notice this, your vehicle should be checked and serviced at your nearest service center.

Bottom Line

At Ayasmog, qualified technicians are ready to assist car owners and drivers near Van Nuys with their regular engine repair service needs and beyond. If you notice the above signs and think your vehicle needs a professional maintenance service, feel free to give us a call or book a service online.

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