Auto Repair Services: Save Your Car from the Significant Repair

December 29, 2022


Car repair can be too expensive; however, any vehicle needs repairs. This could be due to the problem being misdiagnosed or the car needing to be properly repaired. Most auto repair services van nuys follow the philosophy of “repair by replacement.”

It solves the problem but replacing all the parts that can cause the situation is much more expensive for the owner. A professional auto repair shop in Van Nuys takes time to analyze the problem correctly and suggest a suitable and cost-effective solution rather than just replacing the part to fix the problem. They address simple things that may be causing the error before more expensive repairs are undertaken.

How does an owner decide if a significant repair is needed?

The big first step is knowing what is causing the car’s problem and finding a good auto repair service in Van Nuys that the car owner can trust to reduce the repair cost. Below are some common customer misdiagnoses, complaints, and correct diagnoses.

  • Minor Water Leaks: These are misdiagnosed as exhaust leaks and cost more to replace the exhaust system. In most cases, the correct diagnosis is just condensation. This is a regular occurrence and does not require repair.
  • Whistling: these are usually caused by old tires that need to be replaced. It can be misdiagnosed as a wheel-bearing failure which is much more expensive
  • Car Overheating: this may be misdiagnosed as a blocked radiator or a faulty water pump. But it may be caused by a faulty electric radiator fan. It is widespread in high-traffic areas and is very affordable and cost-effective to repair.
  • Knocking Noise: if the car makes a horrible noise when going over bumps, it will notify the owner that the car’s rear shock absorbers need to be replaced. The jack is either loose or rattling around in the vehicle’s trunk.
  • Slow gears when starting the car: Many auto repair services in Van Nuys automatically charge owners to replace the entire transmission, which can cost thousands of dollars. The same problem is caused by a minor transmission oil leak which is much more reasonable to repair.

Bottom Line

Misdiagnosis of car problems is common; however, a little knowledge on the owner’s part is also essential. Whether it is a smog test station or an auto repair service in van Nuys, you should choose a good mechanic such as Ayasmog. They are professional and experienced in diagnosing minor to significant problems in your car and provide a cost-effective solution. We help you avoid those considerable car repair costs and save you a lot of money with our auto repair services.

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